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... Defines Metadata for Making Information Requests


... Defines the Packet Format for Dynamic Information Delivery


... is an Open Source Project run by tekom, the Largest International Professional Association for Technical Communication

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Known Issues

On this page, we inform you about known issues of iiRDS.

You can continue to review iiRDS and give your feedback directly to the iiRDS Consortium via email on the bottom of this page.

Known Issue: Wrong namespace of HTML class attribute

Specification states wrong usage of namespace prefix 'iirds' for HTML class attribute in XHTML5.

The correct sentence reads as follows: "In contrast, class in iiRDS XHTML5 MUST only be used for styling. An iiRDS XHTML5 consumer MUST be able to ignore or modify class values without loss of meaning."

iiRDS specification, Chapter 'iiRDS XHTML5 Format', Section 'Global Attributes'.

Affected Version
1.0, 1.0.1

Comment for iiRDS Version 1.1

To ensure that the standard is always in accordance with the needs of its users, all interested parties have the opportunity to comment on it. Whether you have a comment, a change request or in case you discover a bug: your comment helps the Consortium to further improve the standard in upcoming versions.

Thank you for your support!

Comment on iiRDS Version 1.1