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How the iiRDS Consortium operates

The members of the iiRDS Consortium, diverse in their expertise and interests, contribute their knowledge to the multifaceted potential of iiRDS – because the goal is to consistently establish and expand the standard in various areas.

The maintenance and further development of the standard is administered by the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Members

The 2023-2025 Steering Committee was elected in November 2022 and consists of the following members:

  • Andreas Klüter, Empolis Information Management
  • Anne Kuhsen, SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Dominik Haag, DOCUFY
  • Jan Oevermann, plusmeta
  • Marcus Hoffmann, SIEMENS AG
  • Niko Schad, Gebr. HELLER Maschinenfabrik
  • Ulrike Parson, parson AG
  • Volker Römisch, Noxum

tekom as leading members provides the president, Ralf Robers, and the iiRDS Office.

Newly elected iiRDS Steering Committee Chair

March 2023 - A warm welcome to Anne Kuhsen from SEW-Eurodrive as newly elected Chair of the Steering Committee. Anne has over 15 years of experience in Technical Communication. She has been a member of the Steering Committee since 2020 and is actively involved in several iiRDS projects, including the German InterOpera project "iiRDS Handover Documentation" with many other consortium members.

Her goals in the Steering Committee: "Every user or machine should receive the right information at the right time. iiRDS is an essential part of achieving this goal. That's why I want to help establish iiRDS as THE standard in technical communication for easier exchange of intelligent information."

We are looking forward to good cooperation, exciting projects, and the joint implementation of our iiRDS Roadmap 2023!

At the same time, we would like to thank Ulrike Parson for her many years of dedicated work as Steering Committee Chair since the founding of the iiRDS Consortium and are pleased that she will continue to support us intensively as a member of the Steering Committee and Ambassador of the InterOpera project "Digital Standards Datasheet". For the InterOpera projects, a publication via the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) is planned, as well as submission to international standardization at ISO or IEC.

We have a lot planned this year, including

- a new release,
- international standardization initiatives,
- development of the request part with an API,
- online training,
- updates for tools, e.g. to improve DITA compatibility,
- and more.

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